Since one of the main objectives of Fanous is paving the way for a correct and standard teaching, this institute founded its children theater school in June 2015. In this theater school, short-term and long-term theatre courses are taught according to international standard programs only for children and teens.

In these courses we try to teach influential and important elements of a show to students so that at the end of the course, students will be able, using their knowledge, to prepare and run a show. As a result, their confidence and sense of independence will be fortified.

Curriculums of the courses include the following:

Acting (including the training of body, voice, focus, rhythm recognition, understanding and training of the senses)
Costume and scene design (including knowledge of basic concepts of visual arts, knowledge of materials and their application)

Construction of the stage and supplies
Light design
Music (making and choosing)
Designing sound effects
Writing the plan of a play.
Thus, at the end of the course a theater group will be formed where each member has understood the concept of teamwork and individual creativity.

The first short course of the theater school for children and teenagers was held in summer 2015 in Fanous. The course instructor was Ms. Rana Ghaderi. The next course of this school starts in December.