One Week of Theater Education: Creative Drama

16-23 July 2016

For ages: 7-10 , 11-14 , 15-17

Theater can be the best tool to keep children healthy and active where they are encouraged to explore their imaginations, learn how to communicate ideas, and learn how to feel comfortable with themselves and their role in society. Theater helps children raise their self confidence and the ability of public speech.
According to Anthony Hubert, the founder of "Rock Mountain" Theater, a child involved with theater participates in the growth of a young mind. If such a person learns to be prepared emotionally from his childhood, he can be active in his role in the world, which is a group itself.

For ages 7-10, 2 hours per day
For ages 11-14, 3 hours per day
For ages 15-17, 3 hours per day

On Friday, July 22th, there will not be any classes. Each age group will have a seperate class.

For registeration and more information, you can contact the following numbers:


On this day, the groups with the lowest point of every night competed with each other.
The tribunal consisted of three judges: Neda Shahrokhi, Ali Maghsoudi, Kaveh Eydi

We will not have any performances during the Eid-e-Fitr vacation and for the 9 groups concentration.

The second round of our event starts from Saturday.

On this day, two groups headed towards next level.
The first group performed an improvised monologue and music with the subject "Bam-e-Tehran", heading toward second level with the highest point.
The second group performed " Laleh Park".
Tomorrow the best monologues written by the audience on "Laleh Park", "Bam-e-Tehran" and "Tajrish Square" will be announced.