The basic idea of the Fanous art group took form in 2005 with the drama "three points" by NedaShahrokhi and Mortza Yuneszadeh, and a year later, Yassaman Khajehi joined this group. In 2007the "man's a man" went on stage as directed by Neda Shahrokhi. After the show this groupcontinued its way with a focus on social theater. In 2007 two members of the group (NedaShahrokhi and Yassaman Khajehi) moved to France to study. And the play " where did I see himlast?" went on the stage in Strasbourg as written by Yassaman Khajehi and directed by NedaShahrokhi in Farsi, French, Italian and Arabic languages.

But after playing a few performancesin student festivals and independent theaters, looking to find its aims in a different model ofartistic creation and performance, Fanous art group studied the idea of establishing an institutionin Iran to continue its activities.Fanous decided to make a cultural bridge between Iran and other countries and hold authenticand standard international educational trainings in Iran, form international joint projects andprepare for working on social theatre as its priorities. So Yassaman Khajehi stayed in Franc toprovide possibilities of international joint activities, cultural and artistic trips and practicalexperience and research and Neda Shahrokhi returned to Iran after graduating in 2012.


In thistime Morteza Yuneszadeh got to achieve the permission to found the Fanous e Honar e Pars artinstitute and fulfill the objectives of the Fanous artistic group.Fanous Art & culture house started working in Tehran in 2013 and has a theater school, cinemaoffice, studios for publishing, production and distribution of audio-visual works and a theaterhall. The institution can also participate in cultural festivals and conferences.Fanous aims to promote the cultural level of the society, creating a new platform for cultural andartistic activities, developing international activities and opening new windows to the world ofart.The founders of this institution have related professional education and a cultural approach.


Executive ManagerMorteza Yuneszadeh (acting BA, actor)

Art DirectorNeda Shahrokhi (Paris 8 university graduate, theater MA, theater director, theater professor)

Codirector Yassaman Khajehi ( Director, dramaturge & Associate professor in performing studies in Clermont Auvergne University)