The workshop of "Bouffon " was held in Tehran as a result of the cooperation between Fanous e Honar e Pars Art & Culture house and POINT FIXE Ecole de Theatre in Paris.

Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville, the director and instructor of POINT FIXE Ecole, was the instructor of this workshop.

At the end of the workshop, participants were given certificates on behalf of the POINT FIXE Ecole.
This workshop is the 13th international workshop held by Fanous




Jean-Louis Heckel, the former director of École de Charles de Mésier and the current director of Nef Theater Company, was invited to Iran by Fanoos-e-Honar-e-Pars Institute. He instructed two courses at Fanoos and at the end of the second workshop, he directed the primary part of "Conference of the Birds, Attar" with the students as their final project. This play will be produced as a cooperation between Fanoos and Nef and will be performed in Iran and France.



The workshop of "Melodrama" was held in Tehran as a result of the cooperation between Fanous e Honar e Pars Art & Culture Institute and POINT FIXE Ecole de Theatre in Paris.

Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville, the director and instructor of POINT FIXE Ecole, was the instructor of this workshop.
In this workshop five french students were among the participants.

At the end of the workshop, participants were given certificates on behalf of the POINT FIXE Ecole.
This workshop is the 12th international workshop held by Fanous.



Jean Louis Heckel is a director, actor and an puppeteer.
He has directed many plays at notable theater companies of France and has performed at "Theatre de la Ville" Paris and other European cities. He had been the principal of National College of Charleville Mézières from 2004 until 2014 and he is currently the principal of "Nef" Company in France.He had cooperated with famous artists such as Antoine Vitez, Jacques Lecoq, Maurice Bénichu and Jean Louis Barrault.

"Fanous e Honar e Pars" Art & Culture Institute has invited this well-known artist to Tehran and has organised 2 workshops for him to instruct, followed by its cultural and international activities.

The first workshop is called "Puppet & Object" and the second one is a executive project adopted from "The Conference of the Birds" by Farid ud-Din Attar (Attar of Nishapur). The second workshop leads to a collaborative performance.

Students will be admitted for the second workshop after a careful evaluation of their CVs.

First Workshop: 25-29 July 2016 , 10-16, 6 hours per day
Second Workshop: 31 July - 4 August 2016 , 10-16, 6 hours per day

For more information you can contact the following numbers: 



The first day of Iranian Week of Performance received many spectators. On April 12th, This event was opened by six lectures by Dr. Yasaman Khajeie, Professor Christien Biet, Mansour Ebrahimi, Dr. Rahmat Amini, Victor Thimonier, Amir Rad and a video sent by Richard Schechner.

Professor Christien Biet's Master Class will be held 10-13 on Tuesday April 13th. In addition, two performances will be performed at 3 and 8 pm in the main theater hall at Mowlavi.

Fanous film and theatre ongoing international workshops center released its annual program.

This program covers the period from Aug 2014 to Sep 2015.

Fanous institute public relations reported that this center has held eight international theater workshop in the last year, seven in collaboration with the Point Fixe school in Paris and one in cooperation with the company "Green princess & pantalon vert".

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Clown workshop:

August 2014, February 2015 and August 2015




Neutral Mask workshop:

February 2015 and August 2015




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Alongside its cultural purposes, the Fanous Art & culture House founded its “ongoing film and theater international workshops center".

For the first time in Iran, this center undertakes to make ongoing plans to hold international educational workshops.
This center makes contracts with schools and different companies from other countries each year . According to these contracts those schools must hold a certain number of workshops in a year in this center in Tehran and give diplomas to participants at the end of the workshop. This diploma is accredited by that school and has international value.
This center tries to hold workshops with the help of professional professors in fields in which little or no work has been done here in Iran.

This center started its activities in 2014.
In the past year, in collaboration with the Point Fixe theatre school led by Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville and the "green princess & pantalon vert" company led by Cindy Clech, we have held eight International Theatre Workshops with some 150 attendees.

Also after the end of the course, this center runs international projects with the students in order to complete the course .
The Fanous international workshops center's first project was Antigone drama directed by Neda Shahrokhi, the cast of which were selected from among these students in consultation with Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville. The show was conducted in October 2015 at the Festival "Olympia in Dion" in Greece and confronted a great welcome.
Future plans of the center will be announced right here on this page.

Further explanation about the schools under contract and workshops can be found like "partner organizations".


A theater hall just for social theatre/ Shahrokhi and Youneszadeh talk about Fanous

Hoaronline's theater service: Fanous is one of the newly founded private theater halls, located in a relatively old building in an alley near Hafte-Tir Square. It has a black box theater hall with a capacity of 50 people and is equipped with a control room, a makeup room, optical devices room and ventilation. This hall is run under Fanous Art & Culture institute( House) by the artist couple Morteza Youneszadeh and Neda Shahrokhi.

We talked with Neda shahrokhi and Morteza Yooneszdeh who are in charge of this theatre institute to know more about the institute, its characteristics, needs and further purposes.

Talking about the process of founding this theatre hall with Honaronline correspondent, Neda Shahrokhi who is the artistic manager of the complex and a student of theatre PhD studying in France said: Fanous is actually a multipurpose cultural and artistic institute that started working in 2013 and the theatre hall started working with play I directed, "Man's a man" by Bertolt Brecht.

Declaring the capacity, features and facilities of this theater hall she said: Fanous was actually an old house, we repaired its first floor and made a theater hall out of it. What made us turn the place into a theater hall was that it had a good width. This hall has a capacity of 50 spectators and is 6 meters wide, 10 meters long and 7 meters deep. Although such good facilities do not exist in most private halls, we tried to provide standard possibilities for this hall.

Social drama genre and addressing women's issues are priorities of this theater hall


In an interview with the cultural reporter of the journalism club, Neda Shahrokhi, the artistic director of Fanous Art & Culture institute said: This center is negotiating with various schools in France, Germany and Switzerland to hold workshops for theater and movies.

She added that in this center a workshop is held every 4 months in various fields of theater and cinema. At the end of each course, participants will be awarded diploma from the school of contracts which are internationally recognized. This center also tries to promote the fields on which little or no work has been done in the form of workshops with professional instructors.

Shahrokhi also said this institute has held two acting workshops in cooperation with the Point Fixe school in Paris: 1. Poetic acting 2. Looking for the inner clown 3. Neutral mask. Some 18 people participated in each of these workshops and at the end received a degree of completion from that school.

It is required to note that the professor of these courses was Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville from Point Fixe school.