Fanous Art & Culture House presents its 13th international theater workshop:
Bouffon Acting
Instructor: Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville
Director and Instructor of POINT FIXE theater school in Paris
Date: 15- 19 december
6 hours per day
Capacity: 16
At the end of the course, participants will be granted an international certificate offered by POINT FIXE theater school
For more information, please call:
88319270، 09339076187


Jean-Louis Heckel, the former director of École de Charles de Mésier and the current director of Nef Theater Company, was invited to Iran by Fanoos-e-Honar-e-Pars Institute. He instructed two courses at Fanoos and at the end of the second workshop, he directed the primary part of "Conference of the Birds, Attar" with the students as their final project. This play will be produced as a cooperation between Fanoos and Nef and will be performed in Iran and France.



"Medea" directed by Neda Shahrokhi and produced by Morteza Younes Zadeh was performed in Greece.
"Medea" written by Euripides and directed by Neda Shahrokhi was performed in France on late March 2016 and the cast are currently performing in Dion, Katerini and Veria.
Ava Tadayon, Marjan Rad, Pegah Ebrahimi, Elmira Ashofteh and Reza Maddah are the actors of this play.
The play was unanimously embraced by the Greek audience.



The workshop of "Melodrama" was held in Tehran as a result of the cooperation between Fanous e Honar e Pars Art & Culture Institute and POINT FIXE Ecole de Theatre in Paris.

Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville, the director and instructor of POINT FIXE Ecole, was the instructor of this workshop.
In this workshop five french students were among the participants.

At the end of the workshop, participants were given certificates on behalf of the POINT FIXE Ecole.
This workshop is the 12th international workshop held by Fanous.