The play "After This" is a combination of documentary, puppet and musical, based on The Conference of the Birds.

By Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar.
In this play, we deal with the subject of human life steps and their development in these steps; the 7 steps that lead man to self-knowledge.
In August 2016, Jean-Louis Heckel, CEO of Nef Company in Paris, came to Iran at the invitation of the Fanous Institute. The purpose of this invitation was to start a puppet theater project based on the Conference of the birds.
At the end of a two-week workshop in Iran, the first part of this work went on stage in Fanous Hall.
In March 2017, Fanous Institute was invited to a two-week residency by Nef Company. Rehearsals on the Conference of the birds project continued, and in April 2017, the first performance of this work was performed in Nef Hall, which was well received by the audience. In August of the same year, Jean-Louis Heckel came to Iran to complete the project, and in September, this performance was performed in Kashan, and finally in December 2017, the play "After This" was performed in Molavi Hall.

Playwrite: Attar of Nishapur

Directed and designed by Jean-Louis Heckel ,Yassaman Khajehi,Neda Shahrokhi

Actor: Arefeh Sadegh Mohammadi, Pegah Ebrahimi, Elmira Ashofteh, Ava Tadayon,Niki Saghari

Dramaturgie: Jean-Louis Heckel ,Yassaman Khajehi,Neda Shahrokhi

Music : Mahya Hamedi

Hall de la Nef- Manufacture d’utopies, Paris, Avril 2017
Kashan Theater House, Kashan, Iran, September 2017
Molavi Hall, Tehran, December 2017


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