“A Window Is Left Open Here”, which is modern adaptation from Manteghoteir written by Attar, is about a woman who crosses seven valleys in her life.
Issues such as the concepts of motherhood, femininity, love, betrayal and lies are addressed in this play.
The performance took place in a workshop in the presence of the writer, actors and directors at the house of Maria Casares.
In 2017, the Fanous Institute was invited to an art residency at the house of Maria Casares in France for a month, and at the end of the residency, this work was performed at the residence of Maria Casares.

playwrite: Keyvan Sarreshteh

Directed and designed by Yassaman Khajehi,Neda Shahrokhi

Actor: Nasim Adabi, Morteza Youneszadeh

Maria Cazares Residency, France,2017