The play "New letters from Tehran" is a joint project of the Fanous Art house in Iran, Grand Vitesse Company and Anis Gras in French.
The "New letters from Tehran" project is a cultural exchange between Iranian and French teenagers that began in November 2017. The main goal of the project is to show adolescence. No matter where they are, all teenagers have common issues and the only difference is the community in which they live. In this play, we show the different ways of being on stage, the real self of each teenage actor, how fragile they are, how confident they are. The work is based on autobiography with the form considered to be close to documentary theater.
In November 2017 Iranian teenage girls from Tehran and their counterparts
French teenages in Paris , who were students of the Condorcet school, exchanged correspondence using digital tools (e.mail) and social networks (Instagram, etc.). This digital correspondence was guided by Cie Grand vitesse in Paris and Fanous in Tehran. Each week, each had to send an image, a text, a recording ... to the other.
In March 2018, the Iranians were in Anis Gras in French. The opportunity to meet, to confront the imagined portraits from the elements of correspondence and reality.
After this meeting and the initial performance in Paris, French teenagers came to Iran to complete the project. Iranian teenage hosted French girls. In October 2018, after 10 days of rehearsals with Iranian and French teenagers, the play "New letters of Tehran" was performed in the Fanous Hall. A performance about the experiences of French teenagers in Iran.
After this date, in March 2019, Iranian teenagers went to Paris and this time French teenagers hosted them. Finally, in July 2019, the final performance in Iran took the stage in Darbast halle.

Written by actors

Directed and designed by Veronique Petite, Neda Shahrokhi, Arezoo Aali

Dramaturgie: Rania Meziani, Yassaman Khajehi

Actors: Rayehe Pasha, Elnour Torabi,Zahra Ahmadi,Melika Habibi,Saba Hosseini, Lilian Derakhshan nejad,Saba Soltani , Pardis Tavakoli

Anis Gras, Arceuil, France, 2018
Darbast Hall, Tehran, 2019