The memorable play is the result of a workshop on the subject of dramatic “place”.
In this research work, we tried to address the capabilities of “place” as the main point in a show.
How can the “place” be the starting point for creating a show?
In a 5-day workshop at the Fajr International University Theater Festival, we explored this issue with students and finally achieved an environmental performance.
The performance took place in a semi-constructed building in front of the Fanous Theater.
The actors were present in the semi-constructed building and performed fake memories of this place in a monologue for the audience in different parts of the building, and a camera filmed them live.
The audience were present in the Fanous Hall and their monologues were broadcast simultaneously on the projection screen for the audience.
At any moment of the show, if the audience realized where the actors were, he could leave the Fanous Hall and go to the semi-constructed building in front of the Fanous Hall and watch the actors perform live.
The image of the spectator entering the semi-constructed building was seen by other spectators on the projection screen.
This intersection of images and real presence with a focus on location was very enjoyable for the audience

Playwrite: Yassaman Khajehi, Neda Shahrokhi

Directed and designed by Neda Shahrokhi, Yassaman Khajehi

Actors: sajad taheri, Leila Jalalian, hamidreza Hamidi

Fanous Hall, Tehran, 2019