This is a play written by Lorca, which is integrated with parts of the actors' real life documentaries.
In these documentaries, the actors described to the audience parts of their real life that were close to the character's life or the character's feelings.
These documentaries were shown as video between the scenes of the play;
The videos taken during rehearsals and which were improvised.
This show is the result of an acting workshop.
This show is a research-performance work, containing this main question: How much does an actor's personal experience affect his quality of acting, or rather his role?

Playwrite: Federico Garcia Lorca

Directed and designed by Neda Shahrokhi, Nasim Adabi

Dramaturgie : Neda Shahrokhi, Nasim Adabi

Actor:Sadaf Mohseni, Nahid Adabi, Alireza Abdolalizadeh, Sajad Taheri, Sogand Hosseini, Atefe Ghazanfari, Daniyal Mohammadi,Shahab Rad, Shahkiba Asgari, Rayehe Pasha, Sajad Bagheri, Shahbnam Hosseinkhani, Hamed Mehrabani, Shahbnam Abrishami, Sohrab Samimi

Music: Sara Ahmadi

Molavi Hall,Tehran, 2021


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