This is the story of Hengameh, an Iranian woman who, at the age of 39, has to make an important decision. She lives in her past, filled with traces of an old love, and is now trying to forget it so that she can truly live in the present moment.
An inner journey, combined with an urban trip to Tehran, helps her to put aside her hesitations. Abandoned by her second partner and pregnant, she is faced with a dilemma: should she keep the child or have an abortion, even though it is forbidden?
This story is loosely based on Attar's La conférence des oiseux: seven steps to self-discovery. Each stage takes place in a different district of Tehran. With the help of a film-maker, this project becomes a place where theatre and cinema cohabit, while taking a contemporary puppetry approach to exploring the body in space and staying on the border between reality and the imaginary, inviting the audience to join in the 'game'.
In this show, the two directors have assigned the role of the woman Hengameh to an actor to question the place of women in Iranian society and on stage.

Playwrite : Neda Shahrokhi,Yassaman Khajehi ( inspired by the Conference of the birds of Attar )
Directed and designed by: Neda Shahrokhi,Yassaman Khajehi
Actors: Saeed Changizian,Morteza Youneszadeh
Music: Kaveh Eidi
Maria Casares house , France, 2017
Samandarian Hall, Tehran, 2023


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