This is the story of Hengameh, an Iranian woman who, at the age of 39, has to make an important decision. She lives in her past, filled with traces of an old love, and is now trying to forget it so that she can truly live in the present moment.

 Actor & Actress :Morteza Youneszadeh, Ali Sibi , Pardis Tavakoli ,Elnour Torabi , Ariana Ghafoori Koochaksaraei ,  Melika Amini,  Saba Khorasani,  Rayeh Pasha , Fatemeh Hosseini
Song & design:  Enayat Khadem bashiri 
Musical instrument's Player: (Trumpet) Abbas Heidarei (Santour )Rayeh Pasha
EYE-Net festival, Clermont Ferrand, 2022




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