Fanous film and theatre ongoing international workshops center released its annual program.

This program covers the period from Aug 2014 to Sep 2015.

Fanous institute public relations reported that this center has held eight international theater workshop in the last year, seven in collaboration with the Point Fixe school in Paris and one in cooperation with the company "Green princess & pantalon vert".

This center makes contracts with different schools and companies according to which that school is required to hold seven workshops in Tehran and award participants internationally recognized diplomas at the end of each course.

For the first time in Iran this center is making constant and purposeful plans to hold international workshops, and to complete the training, it prepares international projects with the students of these courses. This center's first project was the play Antigone directed by Neda Shahrokhi and played by artists selected in consultation with Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville from the students who had participated in those classes. This show was performed in Sep 2015 in "Olympia in Dion" festival in Greece and confronted a great welcome.

The director of the center is Neda Shahrokhi, the international relations manager is Yasaman Khajehi.

Workshops organized in collaboration with the Parisian Point Fixe School

Two workshops "in search of the inner clown 1".
Time: August 2014, Feb 2014.
Number of participants: 36

A workshop "poetic acting"
Time: July 2014
Number of participants: 18 people

Two workshops "neutral mask 1"
Time: April 2014, July 94
Number of participants: 36

A workshop "Clown 2" and a "neutral mask 2"
Time: July 2015
Number of participants: 30

This way, 120 people have participated in these workshops and received diplomas from Point Fixe school.
Workshops held in cooperation with the company "Green princess & pantalon vert"

Two workshops "Contemporary Motion 1"
Time: Sep 2015
Number of participants: 30

Future workshops of this center are as follows:

Feb 2016: "Tragedy acting " and "clown"
March 2016: Workshop "Contemporary Motion 2"
For more information, please contact the following numbers: