A theater hall just for social theatre/ Shahrokhi and Youneszadeh talk about Fanous

Hoaronline's theater service: Fanous is one of the newly founded private theater halls, located in a relatively old building in an alley near Hafte-Tir Square. It has a black box theater hall with a capacity of 50 people and is equipped with a control room, a makeup room, optical devices room and ventilation. This hall is run under Fanous Art & Culture institute( House) by the artist couple Morteza Youneszadeh and Neda Shahrokhi.

We talked with Neda shahrokhi and Morteza Yooneszdeh who are in charge of this theatre institute to know more about the institute, its characteristics, needs and further purposes.

Talking about the process of founding this theatre hall with Honaronline correspondent, Neda Shahrokhi who is the artistic manager of the complex and a student of theatre PhD studying in France said: Fanous is actually a multipurpose cultural and artistic institute that started working in 2013 and the theatre hall started working with play I directed, "Man's a man" by Bertolt Brecht.

Declaring the capacity, features and facilities of this theater hall she said: Fanous was actually an old house, we repaired its first floor and made a theater hall out of it. What made us turn the place into a theater hall was that it had a good width. This hall has a capacity of 50 spectators and is 6 meters wide, 10 meters long and 7 meters deep. Although such good facilities do not exist in most private halls, we tried to provide standard possibilities for this hall.

Social drama genre and addressing women's issues are priorities of this theater hall