Alongside its cultural purposes, the Fanous Art & culture House founded its “ongoing film and theater international workshops center".

For the first time in Iran, this center undertakes to make ongoing plans to hold international educational workshops.
This center makes contracts with schools and different companies from other countries each year . According to these contracts those schools must hold a certain number of workshops in a year in this center in Tehran and give diplomas to participants at the end of the workshop. This diploma is accredited by that school and has international value.
This center tries to hold workshops with the help of professional professors in fields in which little or no work has been done here in Iran.

This center started its activities in 2014.
In the past year, in collaboration with the Point Fixe theatre school led by Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville and the "green princess & pantalon vert" company led by Cindy Clech, we have held eight International Theatre Workshops with some 150 attendees.

Also after the end of the course, this center runs international projects with the students in order to complete the course .
The Fanous international workshops center's first project was Antigone drama directed by Neda Shahrokhi, the cast of which were selected from among these students in consultation with Dominique Dupoux Vaudeville. The show was conducted in October 2015 at the Festival "Olympia in Dion" in Greece and confronted a great welcome.
Future plans of the center will be announced right here on this page.

Further explanation about the schools under contract and workshops can be found like "partner organizations".